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When ? From April 4 to 14

Where ? Their Facebook ( and Instagram (  accounts

Throughout the FAIMTL festival, Montreal-based curatorial platform Collectif Blanc will present a selection of print projects on its Facebook and Instagram pages that deal with public spaces or which are meant to be displayed in such spaces. By showcasing these projects on social media, Collectif Blanc engages in an examination of print as social vehicle, in both the virtual and physical worlds.


When ? From April 6th to May 11th 2019

Vernissage and performance on Saturday 6 April at 3pm

Where ? Arprim (372 Saint-Catherine St W, Montreal, QC H3B 1A2)

Emma-Kate Guimond- sequence of events

Emma-Kate Guimond’s practice unfolds in a fully self-aware fusion of performance art, video, drawing and writing. Appropriating the various codes of dance, theatre, filmmaking and design, she explores different performative modes, from the commonplace and dramatic to the spectacular. Starting from the idea that reality is inseparable from performed actions, the artist creates absurd situations that question the notions of physical and emotional labour within the context of art, politics and the economy. In sequence of events, Emma-Kate Guimond revisits the traces of possible performance (2015–2017), focusing on the tension between the direct experience of an event and a still image of it, as well as the notion of empathy and how it applies to scripted directions.

Geneviève Cadieux-Langlois

When ? From April 6th to May 11th 2019

Vernissage on Saturday 6 April at 3pm

Where ? Magasin d’Arprim (372, rue Sainte-Catherine O, # 426)

_Elle rêve, elle cœur, elle crie, elle coup de poing._

Between making a good quiche and finding a beautiful branch, she makes a list of her dreams, her anxieties and the things that make her feel good. She walks her body and words from one side to the other to drap the witnesses to her journey. GENEVIÈVE CADIEUX-LANGLOIS presents a series of fabrics printed in shimmering colours. Some of them with abstract motifs bear quotations from the book _Territoires féminins_, a collection of literary essays edited by Sylvie Mongeon. These excerpts are accompanied by sentences from her inner speech, a poetry that is sometimes raw, sometimes tender or naive. When carborundum printing meets screen printing, the lines get dirty, adjust to life, a little tired of not having lived enough.

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When ? Upgradeable installation from April 1 to June 30, 2019

Launch on Thursday, April 11, 2019 from 5pm to 7pm

Where ? L'ÉCRIN, showcase of L'imprimerie centre d'artistes, 3910 Ste-Catherine Street East, Montreal.

Inspired by the rotulos, a tradition of handmade posters in Mexico, Ileana Hernandez proposes to use L'Écrin as a bridge of communication between L'imprimerie centre d'artiste and the East of Ste-Catherine Street. The showcase of L'écrin becomes a giant screen where, through a play of reflections, shimmers and camouflage, opacity and transparency, appearance and disappearance, the private space becomes public. Visible day and night, some elements of the installation are revealed while others remain hidden depending on the time of day.


Once in a Lifetime

When ? vernissage on Thursday 11 April 2019, at 5.30pm

11 avril – 18 mai 2019

Where ? Atelier Circulaire (5445 Gaspe Ave #105, Montreal, QC H2T 3B2)

For her exhibition at Atelier Circulaire, Amery Sandford presents an installation work titled Once in a Lifetime (Une fois dans une vie) that envelopes the space of the gallery through the use of screen printing, sculpture, and installation.

Playing with the perspective of the viewer, the artist explores the fabrication and dismantling of a curious event. The scenes depicted in the prints could take place in an ambiguous public space that evoke the environment of a doomed festival trying hard to impress its attendees, a calamitous celebration of national identity, or a highly anticipated concert that ends in complete chaos.

Amery Sandford pulls us into an absurd universe that contains a poetic reflection and critique on the vicissitudes of the event.

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Peau urbaine_Accrochage_Marilou André.jpg


When ? From April 12th to 14th

Where ? WIP (3487 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, QC H2Y 3T6)

12am to  6pm

Peaux urbaines

Through artistic interventions in the urban space, Marilou André creates prints of sections of architecture and public infrastructure. The artist produces an art printed on skins made of moulded silicone, a material that is unconventional to graphic printing. Her hybrid technique, which is at once performative, sculptural and printed, allows him to extract the reliefs and organic elements from the urban landscape. Her performative gesture is also a pretext to interact with residents in their environment and to document their stories about issues related to the printed subject.

Marilou André exhibits the video documentation of an urban intervention created especially for the Festival and the resulting printed work. Her approach in contextual art aims to question the limits of artistic expression in the public space and the foundations of living together while discerning the poetic value of these social interactions and the traditional art object.


When ? April 12th, 13th and 14th

Where ? WIP (3487 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, QC H2Y 3T6)

Available on their website starting April 12th

Marge normale I & II

With Marge normale I & II, Galerie Galerie presents the work of Alexis Quesnel-Denette and Julie Tremble as a two-part web project. Evoking the idea of printing in the age of the Internet, copying and mass dissemination of files, the project takes root in the concept of reproduction by inviting free download and purchase of digital works in limited editions.