Guided tour

When ? Monday, April 8: 2 PM to 3h30 PM

Tuesday, April 9: 6 PM to 7h30 PM

Where ? BAnQ Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie

2275, rue Holt, Montréal (Québec) H2G 3H1

 Free, but registration is required.

To reserve your place: collectionspeciale@banq.qc.ca or 514 873-1101, extension 3823

 Around the bottle

 Three specialized librarians offer you an unusual journey through our Heritage Collections around a common theme: the bottle. Bottle of beer, syrup, perfume or milk, this everyday object is everywhere around us, including in printed art. After a dive into old advertising and ephemeral prints, we will embark on an iconographic treasure hunt through fanzines and works of art, and then make a return to the public space amid beer posters and labels. Are you thirsty yet? Well, you’re in luck, because there is a microbrewery right across the street.


When ? Wednesday April 10 5:30pm – 8pm

Where ? 2 Sainte-Catherine street, 301

Artexte on Tap – special edition MPFA

Artexte on Tap is an ongoing bimonthly series takes place every two months, providing an occasion to engage in dialogue and share a drink in the library. Guided by specific themes and introduced by Artexte’s librarians and invited guests, a selection of documents will be presented to allow opportunities for discovery and to generate informal conversations about contemporary art and documentation. For this edition, Catherine Barnabé, director of the Festival's programming and independent curator, will present the result of her research following a micro-residency in the Artexte archives on the Festival's theme. A post will be then produced for the blog articles.

ARCMTL / réalité augmentée

When ? Friday April 12, 2pm

Where ? WIP (3487 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, QC H2Y 3T6)

Print Augmented: an exploration of the possibilities of augmented reality for printed art

Augmented Reality (AR) is an exciting new technology that can mix the digital and physical together, providing all sorts of possibilities for printed artworks. This presentation features the artist James Kerr has been creating AR art prints and books since 2015 under the name Scorpion Dagger. He will present several of his works and discuss the evolution of this technology in recent years and moving forward. Louis Rastelli, manager of the Distroboto art vending machine network, will present an overview of an AR printed art exploration project involving artists at the Engramme and Atelier Circulaire artist-run centres, where AR works were created using traditional printing techniques. Several artists will talk about their first AR experience in these workshops, and the audience will be invited to ask questions about this exciting new hybrid practice.

With : James Kerr (Scorpion Dagger), Louis Rastelli (Distroboto) and guests.

FAIMTL / An evening of project presentation inspired by the Pecha-kucha formula

When ? Friday, April 12, 8pm

Where ? WIP (3487 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, QC H2Y 3T6)

An evening of project presentation inspired by the Pecha-kucha formula. The concept: 20 images each scrolling for 20 seconds. The 6:40 minute presentations provide a concise portrait of a subject related to the Festival's theme. About ten speakers will talk about various initiatives that push print art out of its scope.

Animation de la soirée : Jean-Philippe Luckhurst-Cartier

La méthode du nid-de-poule”

Marilou André

La méthode du nid-de-poule présente un échantillonnage de rencontres, d’actions et d’idées qui se recoupent dans un même lieu à partir du moment où s’active la démarche d’altération urbaine de Marilou André. L’enchaînement d’images et de captations sonores émergent de l’intervalle nécessaire à la prise d’empreinte d’un nid-de-poule à proximité du WIP.

Projets imprimés et numériques de Joe Gilmore présenté dans un espace virtuel et public”

Éric Aubertin

Le designer Joe Gilmore crée des travaux typographiques pour divers projets imprimés et numériques. Un aspect de sa pratique concerne la façon dont les livres existent par rapport aux autres livres, comment ils se contiennent, se réfèrent et se reflètent, comment ils forment ensemble des collections, des catégories et des archives. 

“Cycle Montreal: a wayfinding project”

Elizabeth Flegg

Inspired by wayfinding iconography around the world, this project aims to make Montreal's bikeways more easily navigable and more beautiful. The system consists of simple icons, which depict some of the city's architectural landmarks, museums, and parks, with the aim of connecting the people of Montreal and tourists alike more deeply to the city, while encouraging an environmentally friendly way of travel. 

“Concert posters: the evolution of the prints in the music industry ?”

Pat Hamou

The presentation would take a look at the evolution of his work of concert posters over the years and in the way they changed from the ephemeral nature of street posters, to high quality screen print collectible merchandise items. Pat will show early works leading up to latest, as well preliminary sketches that lead to the final design. He will also briefly look at the Musique Sur Papier exhibit that he has curated for the last 8 years.

“Création de richesse/Labour of Love”

Emmanuelle Jacques

Sous prétexte de créer une monnaie à l'effigie d'artistes qui conjuguent leur métier à leur rôle de mère, j'imagine un monde qui valoriserait le « care » plutôt que l'accumulation de capital. Un projet qui allie art relationnel, dessin, écriture et art imprimé pour parler d'économie, du milieu de l'art, de maternité et de travail invisible, entre autres.

“Queer Print Club”

Jenny Lin 

Queer Print Club is a collective initiative coming out of the Print program at Concordia University for queer-identifying artists to explore the community-based and democratic aspects of print. QPC's online presence includes outreach but also functions to archive and publicly verify QPC's activities, offering a model for others to adopt.

Programming & Print : Digitizing a Human Tendency

Kofi Oduro

Creative Coding has been increasing in popularity as many programming languages have offered ways for users to express themselves creatively. Especially with the concept of Printed Art, where generative art is being produce through algorithms and collaborations within opensource software. As these digital spaces have found a way to enter our physical realm.

Actualité et poésie : création collaborative chez Zocalo”

Myriam Tousignant

L’artiste multidisciplinaire, Myriam Tousignant, présente la genèse de la création des fanzines #MoiAussi et Les racines enfouies produits au centre Zocalo. Les participants de l’atelier ont été conviés à s’inspirer de la forme d’expression du Blackout poetry ou poésie par soustraction en utilisant le journal comme matériau de base à la création de courtes phrases percutantes. Les illustrations ont été produites par Mélodie Vachon Boucher, autrice de bandes dessinées et illustratrice.

“Our Oppositional Cultural Heritage / Notre héritage culturel contestataire”

David Widgington

Protest posters belong to a creatively vibrant yet ephemeral culture. Soon after they are wheat-pasted onto a public space, they are removed from view by sanitation agents. We will review past works of protest posters and their resampling in new works. Important protest symbols, like the raised fist, the slingshot and the molotov cocktail, will be reviewed in various incarnations and throughout time.

“Quand la rue devient un espace de création pour l’art imprimé”

Lysette Yoselevitz

Présentation de cinq projets réalisés par des artistes mexicaines qui ont investi la rue pour y créer des œuvres qui portent sur les principes des arts d’impression. Perla Krauze, Ilan Lieberman, Cesar Martinez et un projet qui a réuni plus de 200 artistes faisant une gravure de 1150 mots en commémoration de l’Indépendance du Mexique.

About 90 minutes. Bilingual

With : Marilou André, Éric Aubertin, Elizabeth Flegg, Pat Hamou, Emmanuelle Jacques, James Kerr, Jenny Lin, Kofi Oduro, Myriam Tousignant and Mélodie Vachon-Boucher, David Widgington, Lysette Yoselevitz.



ARCMTL / la Grande

When ? April 13th and 14th from 12am  to 6pm

Where ? WIP (3487 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, QC H2Y 3T6)

This year the GRANDE Print Art Fair is at the heart of the Montreal Printed Arts Festival, featuring programming through the week leading up to the fair!.This edition will gather more than 50 artists and organizations that are selling posters and printed art. The public will get to meet and mingle with the artists who will be showcasing the incredible vitality of this artistic community in Montreal. Silkscreen prints, letterpress, engravings, every form and every new trend in printed art will be on display!