Montreal Printed Arts Festival


The Montreal Printed Arts Festival (MTLPAF) displays the incredible vitality of the printmaking scene in the Montreal area, from the perspective of overstepping the marks. It will comprise a programming of various free activities, such as exhibits, workshop visits, technical demonstrations, meetings with artists, lectures and a huge printed art fair, which will provide you an opportunity to discover the evolution of contemporary printmaking, in its multidisciplinarity and hybridism.

Free activities to discover the evolution of printmaking ...

The festival's 2019 edition's theme

This year's Festival theme aims to explore the "other" spaces occupied by the printed arts, i.e. public and virtual spaces. In their relationship to the public space, the printed arts see the boundaries of the medium and the constraints of technology dissolving and opening up to new possibilities. By occupying the public space, printed art occupies the social space. The virtual space makes it possible to use the languages and aesthetics of the printed arts while redefining them and proposing new codes and new readings. The digital technologies that have, in recent years, shaken up traditional practices offer a whole new space for experimentation and dissemination.


MTLPAF is a joint project undertaken by:

Atelier Circulaire, Zocalo and ARCMTL.



Atelier Circulaire
5445, avenue De Gaspé, spaces no. 105 and no. 517
Montreal H2T 3B2
(Laurier subway station)

ARCMTL - Expozine
ARCMTL, C.P. 55052, 
CSP Fairmount,
Montreal H2T 3E2

Zocalo, printmaking artists’ centre
80, rue Saint-Jean,
Vieux-Longueuil J4H 2W9
(Longueuil-Université de Sherbrooke subway station)