Montreal Printed Arts Festival


The Montreal Printed Arts Festival (MTLPAF) displays the incredible vitality of the printmaking scene in the Montreal area, from the perspective of overstepping the marks. It will comprise a programming of various free activities, such as exhibits, workshop visits, technical demonstrations, meetings with artists, lectures and a huge printed art fair, which will provide you an opportunity to discover the evolution of contemporary printmaking, in its multidisciplinarity and hybridism.

Free activities to discover the evolution of printmaking ...

The festival's 2019 edition's theme

Out of frame: other spaces to occupy

When relating to public space, medium boundaries and technical constraints related to the printed arts dissolve, opening up new possibilities. The social dimension of printed arts, ever present in the practice with pamphlets, posters, fanzines, for example – in each case, easy to make and distribute and allowing the free circulation of ideas – is reborn and redefines itself when the printed arts take on new form and are  deployed or articulated through the public space. The public space means the common space, but also public forums such as medias and social networks. By occupying the public space, the printed arts occupy the social space.

The virtual space enables the utilization of the languages and the esthetics of printed arts while redefining them and proposing new codes, new interpretations. Digital technologies which, in recent years, have shaken up traditional practices and often facilitated the execution of the works, now lead to new devices, such as augmented reality, which offer a novel space for creation and diffusion. While maintaining the technical constraints, making them even more complex or, at least, requiring a completely different set of technical skills, the virtual constructs a brand new space which multiplies the possibilities offered by paper.

The printed arts can occupy those “other” spaces by different means: using the techniques and expertise specific to their practice, or through the languages, codes and esthetics of the discipline. In all cases, their medium, tool or technique are transformed.

2016 edition


The theme of this first edition is “Pushing the limits of printmaking.” How are printmaking practices evolving or reacting to the digital age, how do traditional techniques persist, where is the expanding nature of pluridisciplinary practices leading?

The theme will be explored in a round-table discussion on Saturday, May 7, featuring the artists 

Céline Huyghebaert, Leyla Majeri, Henriette Valium and Lum-Desranleau.



MTLPAF is a joint project undertaken by Atelier Circulaire, Arprim Centre d'essai en art imprimé, Zocalo, ARCMTL and L'Imprimerie.



Atelier Circulaire
5445, avenue De Gaspé, spaces no. 105 and no. 517
Montreal H2T 3B2
(Laurier subway station)


Zocalo, printmaking artists’ centre
80, rue Saint-Jean,
Vieux-Longueuil J4H 2W9
(Longueuil-Université de Sherbrooke subway station)


Arprim, printmaking art centre
372, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, space no. 426
Montreal H3B 1A2
(Place-des-Arts subway station)


ARCMTL - Expozine
ARCMTL, C.P. 55052, 
CSP Fairmount,
Montreal H2T 3E2


3910 Sainte-Catherine Street East
Montreal H1W 2G4


The success of a cultural event such as the Montreal Printed Art Festival (MTLPAF) is based on the contribution of a range of partners and a team. We thank the following organizations and individuals for their participation in the organization of MTLPAF.


  • L’équipe de l’Atelier Circulaire – Centre d’arts imprimés

  • L’équipe d’Arprim – Centre d’essai en art imprimé

  • Zocalo – Centre d’artistes en art imprimé


  • BAnQ Rosemont – La Petite-Patrie

  • Maison de la culture de Villeray – Saint-Michel – Parc-Extension

  • Mély Garde, communication assistant at Atelier Circulaire, for the visual and graphic design of MTLPAF

  • Bureau des festivals et des événements culturels de la Ville de Montréal

  • Caisse d’économie solidaire Desjardins

  • Conseil des arts de Montréal

  • Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec

  • Ville de Longueuil

  • Maison de la culture de Longueuil

  • Vineyard Bodegas Nieto Senetiner

  • Fromagerie du Vieux St-François

  • Regroupement Pied Carré

  • Occurrence – Espace d’art et d’essai contemporain

  • Union des artistes

  • Katasoho, printing and design

  •  Dazibao, Centre de photographies actuelle

  •  Optica, Centre d'art contemporain

  •  Occurence, Galerie d'art contemporain

  •  Clark, Centre d'art et de diffusion

  •  Agence Topo